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December, 2012 PMTFA Newsletter

DATE: December, 2012

Hey, Folks hope your are doing well. We wanted to give you a quick rundown on where we are for the 2013 season.  If you haven't noticed, the indoor meets are posted on the website.  Thanks to Jim Aylsworth for all the detailed coordination to get the venues locked on.  Looks like the normal full season, one difference being that we lost the December, Glen Mills, event this year.  We will most likely pick up the outdoor champs meet in June, but are going to pass on other outdoor meets.  Other organizations put on some excellent outdoor events which should fill everyone's needs.

At the Executive Board meeting held last month, we went over the health of the club and what we want to try to get to this year. Donna Aylsworth will remain the "Membership Chair" and temporarily took on the empty slot of  "Secretary" until we can find someone to assume that duty.  Everyone else remains in place: me as president, Jack Comiskey as VP and website lead, Lou Coppens as Treasurer, Ray Feick and Phil Felton rounding out the board.  Jim Alysworth is Meet Director and David King is Meet Management.  As always, our number one goal is to put on well-run events where everyone gets a chance to compete.  That is what we as a club do best - put on well officiated, safe, and competitive meets for all athletes, individually or from other clubs, in which to participate.   

Financially we're basically where we were last year.  We generally just about break even on the best attended meets and lose money on the sparse ones.  Having said that, we generally get healthy by putting on the championship meets and Penn Relays.  It only takes one meet that has poor attendance due to lousy weather to put us in the hole.  That's why we try to keep a cushion, so there is not a disastrous season that breaks the bank.  This year coming up, our membership dues will stay the same, but the events price will bump a bit - still a bargain for sure.  Membership renewal applications for the 2012-13 season can be downloaded from our website:  PMTF.NET & click on "Application" at the bottom of the page.  Anyone who is a life member, or is paid up for this season will receive another email shortly with a form for your signature.

Some of our members have a great interest in better organization of Philly Masters participation in local and national events as a Club.  We are absolutely behind that and looking for some help to organize some of those efforts.  I know that Jim Vash, Kristine Longshore, Duncan Smith, Hartley Palleschi, Dave Marovich and many others have been having some great success competing at higher level meets.Sometimes for lack of a few Philly Masters athletes, they have fallen short of being able to put a team together.Hopefully we'll get better at that, but need some help to pull that off.

If you'd like more information on team participation contact Donna at AylsPMTFA@aol.com and she will direct your inquiry to right individual.

Well that is about it.  We still have plenty of the Philly Masters short sleeve shirts available to members though we are short on some sizes.  Hartley is helping with putting together a composite schedule of T&F events, so good on him for that. Still putting out a "warning order" as we used to say in my previous Marine Corps life, that we will be looking soon for others to take over the club's leadership positions, so if you are so inclined please speak up.   Hope you are healthy, and if not that you are healing.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the meets 

 R, Pat